Get Radical 2014 Conference

Get Radical Conference

Get Radical 2014 Conference


|Grace| and |Purpose|

This weekend I went to the GET RADICAL WOMENS CONFERENCEl mostly to support and meet Stephanie Bavaro in person and to find one special woman for a project that I have coming up. I went with absolutely NO BUSINESS CARDS on purpose. I just wanted to attend what many had told me was a great event and since Doreen Rainey decided it was the last one, it was the time. 

Get Radical Conference

#Getradical2014 creator Doreen Rainey and Tina Brinkley Potts


First and foremost, I loved seeing women there supporting other women. It’s certainly exciting when you know to let your light shine. And even though I tried to just be an observer, there was a VIP networking event and one woman telling me her situation. I gave her some tips, some strategies and even HOMEWORK (lol, class was in session). Those tears started welling up in her eyes and I had to stop her cause I do the ugly cry. The next day when I saw her, she was talking to other women about her new path we set the night before (she didn’t know I could hear her). I just smiled and walked away. She made me cry when she stood up at the end of the conference. Doreen asks what is you biggest takeaway? She stood in the line, waited her turn and discussed her interaction with me. And here I was trying to be incognito. 


There were many more moments, but the other one that stands strong is during the last day, I stopped and talked to one who shared some information about herself. I gave her a couple of tips, looked into her eyes and said “this is your exit strategy”. We embraced and she cried and I stayed until it was released and then Candas said “there you go again, lol”. Funny she found me on LinkedIN and sent a connection saying “You made me cry, Thank you so much!”

I say all of this to say, when you are walking in your purpose, Grace shows up! There are many people out there that try to make it all look so easy. But there will be struggles, challenges, setbacks (I experience them daily) but I keep going because THE ONLY WAY “TO” IS “THROUGH” -TBP (please click the text to tweet)

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