When An Entrepreneur Is Faced With Getting A Job

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When An Entrepreneur Is Faced With Getting A Job

Many of my clients are experts that decide they want to own their own business and showcase their expertise. On occasions, I meet prospective clients that have already made the leap, and now because of finances feel like they must go back to work. First and foremost, I want to say if you are an expert in your industry and you are ready to commit to doing the work, you can change your finances drastically in 30 days or less with the right positioning and strategic communicative sequencing. With that being said, don’t beat yourself up if you have to get a job.

A job can feed your entrepreneur ventures

At a recent conference, I met a woman that was really beating herself up because she had just accepted a job. When I was able to grab a private moment with her, I gave her a few tips and strategies and most importantly, I told her let me help you set up your exit strategy.

She broke down and cried.

If you need to get a job and you truly want to be an entrepreneur, there are some simple things you can consider:

  1. Create an exit strategy – Know up front what milestones you want to achieve in order to quit. This could be so much money in savings or it could be so much revenue coming in or a certain amount of clients. This is what personally will satisfy you. A great coach can help you figure this out.
  2. Do the job with excellence – I believe many people do just enough to stay at the job. This is a mistake. I can tell you when I left my day job, the owners of that company were my first clients. There colleagues and friends became my clients. Why? Because I operated in excellence. They knew what I was capable of doing and knew that I was the best at it.
  3. Celebrate having the income – There are still a lot of people in this world that are unemployed, just wishing for a job. Being grateful for the job and the income will help keep your mind clear and fresh and you will make better decisions. Decisions made under stress may not necessarily be the best decisions. Having the income you know your basic needs are being met. You can have fun and take your time creating the business and life you love.

If you are an expert in your industry and you are looking for an exit strategy, complete this form and schedule a consultation. It could be simpler than you think to move away from your job.


Video transcript:

Getting A Job When You Are An Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Tina Brinkley Potts, Business strategist, Online Marketing Trainer, and success coach.  I want talk to you about getting a job when you are an entrepreneur. You know I had many clients ask the same question. How do I get a job without dampening my spirit?  How do I go to work somewhere and still feel like I’m not giving up on my dream. What I tell them, I’m gonna tell you. Just have a plan. Know your exit strategy. When you’re operating in feast or famine mode, you make  a whole lot of different  decisions that you may not  normally make. So if your stabilize income by getting a job, you can change the way you look at things and sometimes that is biggest shift needed in order to create success in your business. I want to tell you, don’t be discouraged because you feel like you are giving up on your dream, You’re not, You’re now helping amplify your dream, because you’re not rushing trying to make something happen from a scarcity mindset. You doing it from a  holistic mindset.  You are making sure your basic needs are met.  And then you can go after your dream. Don’t give up, Don’t think it’s a bad thing, It isn’t. So that’s my tip for Today, Bye.

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