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Expert/Thought Leader Development
Taking what you already know and getting paid for it. Getting fame for it. Creating a movement from it. Saving lives from it. With you at the forefront. Whether you are a professor, doctor, retired athlete, pastor, business owner, entrepreneur, etc. We create a plan to help you with your packaging and positioning and give you the world as your stage.
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Marketing services that bring in results. Whether you are a business owner, a speaker, a consultant or a corporation, our campaigns are not just meant to create engagement but to get the telephone and cash register ringing. From the beginning of the campaign, you know what you can, we keep you informed so you know what you can expect.
Training Programs & Products
Whether you are looking to grow your business presence, your profits, TBP LLC has several training programs to fit your exact needs. Need to train your staff on social media marketing? Want to position yourself as an expert or thought leader? Want advance strategies to find clients?
Book Creation Services & Marketing
Ready to get your expertise out into the world? The easiest way to get the attention as a thought leader is to write a book. We help you do that in a short period of time and make it a best seller with the people that are looking for your services.
Illumination Live Event
Training Experts to Be the Next Generation of Thought Leaders. Aligning them companies that are looking for Influencers. When you leave this training you will know how to get paid for your knowledge, for your popularity and how to create a lasting income from it.
Product Development
From conception to packaging, TBPLLC helps you create innovative, compelling products your clients will rave about. From information products like audio cd, video dvd, workbooks, whitepapers to promotional items like journals, tshirts, cups and anything in between, your products will serve your greater goal.

"It's been mindblowing... I was afraid to move, to take the next step, but I'm all ready for it now. You are the truth."

− Loretta Baker

"Our biggest issue was making people aware of what we did... I had done some other programs with no results... hadn't found that growth partner... working with Tina... she really gets your work in the world, you have to come at it from many different layers and she covers them for us."

− Jami Gossett

"I've been to a few retreats, and this one has been extraordinary. I just love her. "

− Fonda Clayton

"I knew she was brilliant in strategy... but I didn't know she really sees where your brilliance is... what she did for me is change my life."

− Deanna Cochran

"I already have support from Tina. She brings out what's inside of you to the max... I haven't had this confidence in years. I now have the confidence to step into scary situations. You saw something in me that has awaken a fire. I'm about to take over the world."

− Isha Bell

"She is the real deal. If you've had other experiences with coaches and gurus... then there's Tina, a cut above the rest."

− Heather Poduska

"Sometimes when you meet that coach/mentor, you come away deflated... this was exactly the cup is running over... she helps you reframe your mindset and business. "

− Halle Eavelyn

Day 28 Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge

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This is day 28 of the Ignite 30 Day Challenge. The Ignite 30 Day Challenge will help you attract more prosperity, more abundance and more money in your life.

Day 28 is about daily rituals. What daily rituals do you have in place so that you are in the right frame of mind to see the opportunities around you?

The Greatest Of All Time

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As I watched a few videos online listening to people edify Muhammad Ali over the last week and Prince over the last month or so, I thought about how  funny it is that all of the things that made them great, most people shunned them for at the time it happened.

Yes, that’s right.

Muhammad Ali was labeled a troublemaker, a draft dodger and all kinds of other names. Now, we celebrate him as a hero.

As we should.

Prince wore high heels (and at the same time was surrounded by beautiful women) something you wouldn’t catch many men (let alone a black man). He also tattooed a symbol on his face when the label claimed they own his name. So he showed them you can own the name but not me.

You see, both of these men had the courage to stand for what they believed. They also focused and dedicated themselves to their craft and used that platform to change us, one person at a time. Muhammad Ali told us we shouldn’t be going to war bombing people that are just like us. ” Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong”

Prince told us to express ourselves, our way, no matter what.

Today, I talked about this on my show FULL. Do you have the guts to stand for what you believe?

Really? Are you ready to stand up and be who you truly are  in the land of Twitter where most people get off on criticizing you?

Its necessary if you want to be great.

Take it from the greatest of all time.

He told you he was the greatest even before he showed it. Check out this meme from the USA Today





Many times when I help my clients go for what they really want, this is the part they don’t get. You must claim it. Focus on it. Hold on to it. Be able to talk smack if necessary. Most importantly, just STAND in it.

That was the lesson of the life of Muhammad Ali. Prince as well.

Can you stand in who you are and what you want to be?

Day 27 Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge

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This is day 27 of the Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge. The Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge will help you attract more prosperity, more abundance and more money in your life.

Day 27 is about planting seeds. If you want a beautiful garden, you plant seeds and nurture them with water. What seeds are you planting to increase your prosperity? Are you watering them?

If you want the worksheets that go with this prosperity challenge, sign up here