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Expert/Thought Leader Development
Taking what you already know and getting paid for it. Getting fame for it. Creating a movement from it. Saving lives from it. With you at the forefront. Whether you are a professor, doctor, retired athlete, pastor, business owner, entrepreneur, etc. We create a plan to help you with your packaging and positioning and give you the world as your stage.
Full Service Marketing
Marketing services that bring in results. Whether you are a business owner, a speaker, a consultant or a corporation, our campaigns are not just meant to create engagement but to get the telephone and cash register ringing. From the beginning of the campaign, you know what you can, we keep you informed so you know what you can expect.
Training Programs & Products
Whether you are looking to grow your business presence, your profits, TBP LLC has several training programs to fit your exact needs. Need to train your staff on social media marketing? Want to position yourself as an expert or thought leader? Want advance strategies to find clients?
Book Creation Services & Marketing
Ready to get your expertise out into the world? The easiest way to get the attention as a thought leader is to write a book. We help you do that in a short period of time and make it a best seller with the people that are looking for your services.
Illumination Live Event
Training Experts to Be the Next Generation of Thought Leaders. Aligning them companies that are looking for Influencers. When you leave this training you will know how to get paid for your knowledge, for your popularity and how to create a lasting income from it.
Product Development
From conception to packaging, TBPLLC helps you create innovative, compelling products your clients will rave about. From information products like audio cd, video dvd, workbooks, whitepapers to promotional items like journals, tshirts, cups and anything in between, your products will serve your greater goal.

"It's been mindblowing... I was afraid to move, to take the next step, but I'm all ready for it now. You are the truth."

− Loretta Baker

"Our biggest issue was making people aware of what we did... I had done some other programs with no results... hadn't found that growth partner... working with Tina... she really gets your work in the world, you have to come at it from many different layers and she covers them for us."

− Jami Gossett

"I've been to a few retreats, and this one has been extraordinary. I just love her. "

− Fonda Clayton

"I knew she was brilliant in strategy... but I didn't know she really sees where your brilliance is... what she did for me is change my life."

− Deanna Cochran

"I already have support from Tina. She brings out what's inside of you to the max... I haven't had this confidence in years. I now have the confidence to step into scary situations. You saw something in me that has awaken a fire. I'm about to take over the world."

− Isha Bell

"She is the real deal. If you've had other experiences with coaches and gurus... then there's Tina, a cut above the rest."

− Heather Poduska

"Sometimes when you meet that coach/mentor, you come away deflated... this was exactly the cup is running over... she helps you reframe your mindset and business. "

− Halle Eavelyn
It doesn't matter if you are born into it or born to have it, it all starts by expanding your cup

Your Money Story Expand Your Cup

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Recently, as I was saying goodbye to the attendees of my retreat, I wanted them to leave inspired to act in a new way and see the opportunities that are presented to them. It was time for my Expand Your Cup process. Expand Your Cup is about changing your money story and your earning capability.

During this conversation, I talk about the first time I held a check for $50,000 with my name on it (yes, all mine). This was a bonus I received for doing ALL of the due diligence for taking a company public. As I walked through the process, I told every detail of what it felt like to hold that check, how many times I spent it even before depositing the actual check (it took me a week to actually take the check to the bank), and how I use that moment to expand my cup. It doesn't matter if you are born into it or born to have it, it all starts by expanding your cupYour actions and your filter (the opportunities you see) have a direct correlation to the size of your cup (your money story) and how quickly you can grow your business, whether online or off.

It doesn’t matter if you are born into it, or born to have it, it all starts by expanding your cup (change your money story) CLICK TO TWEET


If the central focus is on exactly where you are, what you can lose, what can go wrong, your filter is clouded to the opportunities. Instead of expanding, the cup is shrinking.

During this session, one of my clients revealed a troubling time when she received $250,000 and instead of it being a joyous time, how it was riddled with scarcity and lack. The A-HA moment was profound. So much so, she realized she generated almost a million dollar payment in a week (yes, my clients rock!).


How is it possible for me to generate more revenue in a year than my father made in his entire lifetime? How can I 10X a client in a short period of time? By expanding your cup. Click here to listen to this powerful conversation

Ignite Your Biz in 30 Days Episode #3

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Ignite Your Biz in 30 Days Episode #3


Wow! Halle and I had so much fun on this episode. I am getting the hang of Blab, remembering to turn on record (actually Halle reminded me). So lucky to have dear souls around me to help keep me straight. This episode was great and filled with so much information, many questions in the chat, it went beyond our planned 30 minutes and almost reached 90 minutes! It was worth every minute:

If you are looking to ignite your business growth in the next 30 days, even if you don’t have time to watch the full video, here is a recap so you can jump ahead if you need. Really great strategies and information in this episode:

YouTube Preview Image


  • 1:35 Why would you climb Mt. Everest even when they tell you after 18,000 feet your body starts to die?
  • 4:45 Even against all odds, you do it anyway.
  • 6:05 Thomas Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb 108 times.
  • 7:15 Are you giving up before the magic happens?
  • 10:03 Only 140 characters in the headline – What’s the Rest of the Story?
  • 12:15 Working “on” your business instead of “in”.
  • 14:33 Get Clear On What You Are Selling And How Much It Costs
  • 15:25 How Halle defined her ideal client
  • 16:21 Customer Avatar vs. Pain Point
  • 17:30 Why Feast or Famine has taken over your business growth and how to stop it
  • 18:40 Sell Without Selling
  • 21:20 The “V” Word
  • 23:07 Hot Seat Transformation
  • 24:01 Help Chat & Chew Get In 1500 Prisons
  • 24:45 Book Marketing 101
  • 25:30 Getting To Amazon’s Database of Book Buyers
  • 26:53 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
  • 27:40 Connecting With A Large Non Profit
  • 28:40 Writers For Hire
  • 31:40 Google Search
  • 32:40 Why would a non profit give me money?
  • 33:05 LinkedIn
  • 34:30 Want more money in your organization?
  • 36:15 How many books do you need to sell on Amazon to be a best seller?
  • 41:39 Learning to get out of your own way.
  • 42.40 Video
  • 44:45 Pain vs. Pleasure
  • 49:00 Even if you are the brand, your business should be about more than you.
  • 50:29 Are you creating products for your business?
  • 51:16 How have you upleveled or changed your clientele?
  • 55:00 One to One vs One to Many
  • 56:40 Throw up before you go on stage but keep going.
  • 59:16 Are you scared to talk money?
  • 1:07:00 Are you afraid to talk about money in your business?
  • 1:11:54 How to price your services when you want to quit your day job



likes and engagement

Does Your Social Media Have You Feeling Like You Are Back In High School?

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Are you seeking likes and engagement as your primary intention for your social media? Are you sitting back biting your fingernails when you release a status update or other media, like video, in your social media? Does it make you feel like you are back in high school hoping to be part of the popular clique? Hoping you will get invited in? If so, you may want to re-think that strategy.

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