Show Up With An Expert Positioning Book

If You Are The Sh*t, It’s Time To Show Up With An Expert Positioning Book

So many people come to me who want a quick fix to millions. But, they are hiding. Won’t state their opinions, won’t tell their story, won’t document their expertise. What they WILL do is regurgitate the same stuff they hear everyone else saying. WHY? Because in this world of slut shaming, homophobia, racism (and any other “ism” you want to add) its become more important to be accepted, to not face ridicule, than to stand behind what you believe in. The funny part, is they get exactly what they put in it. If you want to hide, your customers will hide. You aren’t utilizing your attraction power. An expert positioning book will change your client attraction power.

Over and over again, I realized I was getting passed over for a lot of speaking engagements simply because I didn’t have a book. My results are clear, are documented, but I was getting passed over by people I felt didn’t have anything close to what I had to offer. Finally, I asked an event planner why they passed over me when clearly I was the best fit. At that point, I set out to write my book. I had already penned one book, Genuine Is The New Black, but that book was about my life story, not about what I do. I didn’t release it because my aunt had just been diagnosed with cancer and I didn’t want me revealing my truth to hurt her (she has since passed away and my living aunt has given me permission to tell my truth without worry for anyone else’s feelings). Eventually, I wrote Kaching: How To Add A Digit To Your Income.

My book has directly helped me get on more stages, sell more services AND become one of most sought out thought leaders today. Now, I have friends and colleagues that asked me all of the time, why did this work so well for you when I’ve done the same thing and I am not getting results?

This answer might hurt a bit but as they say the truth can set you free.

My book combines personal story, my mission and my expertise. Many people put their names on books that are not their expertise or they throw a few quotes on a page and present it as a book. There is nothing wrong with doing this so please don’t think I am criticizing. However, if you are a thought leader, a consultant, a coach or an expert and you want a book that will get you not only the visibility, but the monetization AND having people believe you are the solution to their problem, you have to lay out your story, your mission and your expertise. Let your book do the heavy lifting. When you actually put your expertise on paper and sprinkle in a bit of your story, the reader feels connected to you. When you’ve outlined your expertise, the reader knows what you stand for. Not only will it ATTRACT the right client, it will REPEL the wrong one.

Most people are doing only the surface stuff. Let’s just get you a book out there because no one is really going to read it but it will help you get on stages. REALLY? Is that all you want?

OR, here is another one.

We can use your book to get you on the radio or local tv stations then everyone will buy from you. Actually, if you don’t have something meaningful to say in that book, you just amplified to thousands, possibly millions, that you don’t have anything meaningful to say.  Why not have a book you can be proud of that will do all of those things and more?

Everything that has ever happened in my life, brought me to this point. And this statement is the same for you. To deny any part of it, is minimizing your power. Right now, this world is looking for leaders, experts, thought leaders that are ready to STAND UP and stand behind their opinions and expertise. Your expert positioning book can do just that.


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