She’s Got The Whole World In Her Hands #gcda2014

She’s Got The Whole World In Her Hands #gcda2014

Last weekend I volunteered for the 3rd year for One Village Alliance’s Girls Can Do Anything! 2014 Conference. So much time spent behind the scenes making sure registration runs smoothly, the girls are checked-in in a timely fashion and that all girls are assigned to workshops as well as conduct two workshops. Whew! It can be a huge undertaking and of course no matter how much you prepare, there will be little things that come up. And you will have to improvise.

A little thing did come up.

As I was preparing to live stream my workshops, the technician that was making sure the internet was working, said you can’t live stream…it wasn’t approved!  I looked at my colleague who was about to burst at the seams because she brought it up at the last few meetings to ensure they would have a hard wire internet, etc. I told her to let it go…its ok. We will improvise.

I had to think quick.


I had promised a little girl I would interact with her on live stream. Once I had heard her story, I realized she was me. I realized this is why I spend so much time helping with this cause.   She had lost her mother tragically and was now staying with foster parents. She was told by one of her teachers, “that she would only be a day care worker and for her to think she could be anything else is just building false hopes.”

Girls Can Do Anything! #gcda2014

Girls Can Do Anything! #gcda2014

Really? In 2014?

Now I know many people will want to make this a race thing or a class thing but I can remember when this happened to me.

You see my mom was an alcoholic. A counselor who lived around the block from me was in the office as I was coming to see one of the principals. I had been upset that day so I was around the corner gathering myself before I walked into the office. I heard her say “Tina is pretty and smart but she will never get anywhere…just look at her mom.”

The fact that I still remember that burns me!

The fact that people who are helping to shape the minds of precious little children still come out of their mouths like that…uggh!

But I focus on what I can control. What I can do to at least give this little girl an ounce of hope.

I taught the girls how they could use their talents right now (kids seem to use social media easily and without training) and start a business helping churches, other businesses and professionals use social media especially #hashtags to get the message out. I used the example of BET and shows like 106 & Park or Nickelodeon and the Kids Choice Awards . I talked them through the interaction that the show has with the viewers at home and how they could do it too.  We did a few posts in social media using the event hashtag #gcda2014

So I still live stream with the camera facing a dead area in the room just so she can hear what is going on. I proceed to tell my story…tell that I am straight from the HOOD, about all of the responsibility I assumed once my father passed away. But yet I am living a life beyond what most can even dream:

  • I am able to travel around the world
  • My companies generate 7 figures in revenue and employ approximately 40 people
  • I have clients and trainings that are visible in over 25 countries.

And just when I thought I wasn’t reaching her, I heard a little voice ask the question “Do you think your Dad is proud of you?”

I almost got choked up! I was not prepared for that question.

Yes! For the first time I’ve said out loud that I know he is proud of me.

Not for the items listed above. But because I take the time to still care for you.

So if you don’t mind, for all of the little children in the world that was told they couldn’t be or do something, just know with the internet “You Got The Whole World In Your Hands #gcda2014” (Click to tweet)

Have you ever had a teacher or someone of authority stomp on your dreams? Tell us about it below



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