My Flaws Revealed

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A couple of weeks ago, I finished implementing a plan I started back in May. Anyone that works with me can tell you, I go ALL IN for my clients (actually for anyone that needs help). Believe me when I tell you, I wake up every morning loving life and go to sleep every night POOPED!

Because of this I have no sense of TIME or BOUNDARIES!

I am constantly re-negotiating deadlines or appointments because I don’t walk away when someone is close to a breakthrough.


And because I want to help everyone, I allowed (previously) many of my clients to not show up for group sessions and then need me to find time for individual sessions. In 2016, I have 647 recorded coaching hours and counting. For someone that typically doesn’t do one to one sessions any longer that is a lot of hours.

But again, I go ALL IN.

Now, I know I piss a lot of people off. However, if you are on the other side of that BREAKTHROUGH, you are in heaven because I leave you with a lasting change to go out into the world and kick butt. It’s my SUPERPOWER and I know it. I’ve had grown men cry and tell me I’ve changed their family’s future.

But I’ve been soul searching.

Soul searching over the last year, talking to my mentors, praying and getting still on how to still BE ME and get out of the “re-negotiation”.

One day God simply said “SHARE MORE”.

I was stunned and confused.

I already will give the shirt off my back (literally). Sometimes it feels like I over give. One of the things my mentors tell me on a regular basis “No one will ever tell you when you are giving too much.”

So I kept still and waited. The path became crystal clear.

First, I’m adding coaches that are getting certified in my system. This way I will always have other coaches that can jump in and continue my work when I am with another client.

But it doesn’t end there.

Now, I am SHARING my opportunities.


This is where YOU come in.


I have so many opportunities that I can’t possibly take them all and NOW I want to pass them along to you.

I have 3 new international podcast shows starting in January 2017.

  1. Follow Your Heart Radio
  2. She Runs The World
  3. BE, DO and Have EVERYTHING

I’ve already spoke to major brands that once I hit 10,000 downloads, they are ready to SPONSOR.

Because I can’t commit to hosting these shows, I want to share them with YOU.



Become An International Podcast Show HostHere are the details:

I am looking for 7 hosts for FOLLOW YOUR HEART RADIO ….If you are motivational speaker that helps other people live their best life, FOLLOW YOUR HEART RADIO SHOW can help you break out of the mold and be the expert…you can host one day a week and showcase your expertise and even your best case study clients of transformation. Follow Your Heart Radio Show can help you get more visibility and position you perfectly for more speaking engagements.

I am looking for 7 hosts for SHE RUNS THE WORLD.  If you are a coach that has transformed your clients to greatness and can document it, I am looking for YOU. I am looking for 7 different NICHES.


I am looking for 7 hosts for BE, DO and HAVE Everything Show. This is for those that use the universal principles to support their lives. (Every religion will be considered). This is about understanding there is ONE PRESENCE and having a singular place where no matter your religious affiliation you can feel welcomed and supported.
OK, here is the SCOOP.

DETAILS about to secure a hosting spot for ONE OF THESE INTERNATIONAL RADIO SHOWS:
Your investment to participate is $250 DEPOSIT plus $99 per month (1 ONE show per week, 4 shows per month) Total 52 weeks of show. Payment of $99 start January 2017 and will be billed on the first of each month until cancelled with 30 days notice. (I need time to fill the slot if you need to stop.) If you are IN, email me and I will send you invoice. Please pay immediately, so I can secure your spot. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. One per week. Give you top three day choices.
1.    The show will be a daily online radio show.
2.    Each host will have one show per week. Example: Monday is hosted by John Smith. Tuesday is hosted by Ellen Genius. Etc.
3.    The shows will be 30 minutes to 60 minutes long.
4.    The host will interview guests OR present topics related to the show’s mission. (I reserve the right to refuse).
5.    These are authority building interviews with no sales pitches other than where people can find  more information, etc.
6.    You will receive training and help from TINA BRINKLEY POTTS, show creator and executive producer.
7.    The shows will begin airing in January 2017 TBA etc. date because production crew needs a two week lead time to set it up.
8.    You may sell your interviews and keep all the money from it.
9.    You will be provided with links to the shows for promotions.
10.    All production is done for you with only minor requirements on your part.
11.    All you need is a phone or computer to record calls.


You will introduce yourself and your guest for each show. (You can do verbal sponsor reports and shout outs!) The show will have its own FACEBOOK GROUP and you will be a MODERATOR. Can you imagine having the CLOUT and POSITIONING of hosting a show with thousands of members in the FACEBOOK GROUP? Yes, it will be up to thousands within 90 days of the shows launch!
Most people are managing their podcast show themselves and that is wonderful. But did you know there are so many things you can do to further your reach. I mean create a massive reach? If you are ready to grow a massive audience,
This is what you get:
◦    Set Up on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and iHeart Radio.
◦    List your podcast in 50 Directories.
◦    Create 2 Commercials (Audio and Video) For Promotion about the show, so you can promote
◦    Submit To RSS Directories
◦    Develop A Social Community Around Your Podcast For Interaction
With Each Show Episode, We Will:
◦    Create show notes (VALUABLE TIME SAVER)
◦    5 Memes per show
◦    5 previews per show

◦    On Page and Off Page SEO to build Traction (ATTRACT the RIGHT AUDIENCE)
◦    Post to Your Social Community To Develop Engagement

P.S. don’t sit on this. If you ARE TIRED OF GETTING POPULAR AND NOT GETTING PAID, this is how you do it. I just finished my year with 5 MILLION HITS TO MY WEBSITE. My shows are definitely a driving force behind that success.  A show will put you in the top 1%. Ask me. Let’s do this. 7 people will change their lives for the better. Why not you?
What is the worse case? You spend $250 to get it going and $99 for one month and get more clients…OMG, what would that do for your bottomline.

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