Life After Divorce

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Latalya Palmer

After recently have gone through a divorce, I know all of the emotions, struggles and internal stress that it can bring.  So I reached out to Latalya Palmer, Empowerment Trainer and Life Coach to give some tips for those that are looking to reinvent themselves after divorce.

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And that is exactly what she did. She said its all about re-developing your relationship with yourself.

Latalya Palmer was an extreme joy to interview.  She shared the following strategies after a divorce

  1. Honoring the anger and grief– while we each have a different experience of divorce and it can be a healthy life change, many of us have a degreLatalya Palmere of hurt, anger and grief from the loss of the relationship.  In order to move forward in our own growth it’s important that we take this step.
  2. Loving ourselves radically through the process-it’s normal to feel some degree of guilt, confusion, upset and blame against ourselves and the other person, it’s key that we love ourselves radically through the storm.
  3. Define and Design yourself– If we were led to the point of divorce, it’s safe to say that some where along the line we forgot who we are or possibly – never quite knew who we were.  Begin to form a new perception and vision of yourself and your life.
  4. Remembering our Value and Worth– getting to know who you truly are, all that you bring to the table, what it’s worth, setting your boundaries, etc.
  5.   Self-Appreciation–I’d been so stuck in a non-growing relationship that I forgot how to bring all of me to a relationship.  I dismissed parts of me that didn’t really matter to him or he couldn’t relate to.  I lost myself in there and that was on ME!  You have to maintain your value, your worth, your interests, your many aspects, your gifts, your creativity no matter WHAT!
  6. Learning to live with yourself– some of us may have been married and single, married and lonely but we had a habit none the less.  A habit that became a security, a habit that gave us a reason to be in someone elses world and not totally deal with ourselves. We must now learn to look at ourselves honestly and also live with the day to day reality that things have changed.
  7. Get committed to you!!! Your work, your gifts, your contribution to the world. Your self care, your me time. Your studies. All of the things that are important to you—get committed and consistent with it. 
  8. Take Radical Action– You’re taking care of yourself on the inside, it’s time to begin doing things that will get you unstuck, reconnected with your passion, your interests , surrounding yourself with loving and supportive people, etc.

To Watch the interview click here.


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