Leaving A Legacy For Your Life And Business

A Best-selling book is a great legacy

Did you know that the most successful coaches, speakers, experts and thought leaders have published at least one book. The biggest reason to publish; A book will get you past the Gatekeepers – those who decide whether or not you get the speaking booking, guest appearance, etc.. If you have a best-selling book, more doors open, more opportunities appear and more profits are created.

Another important reason to write a book is to leave a lasting legacy of your work and your journey. Many times once a person has “made it,” the biggest question people ask is, “How did you keep going when things became difficult?” Or some variation of this question.  Well, penning a best-selling book is the best way to both tell your story and leverage what you’ve learned into more opportunities, a longer client roster and increased income. Are you ready to make this happen for your business?

These days, there are so many people coaching, consulting and claiming to be experts it’s hard to tell who actually has the “Right Stuff”. Stand out among the crowd by writing a best-selling book. By doing this you can easily prove you’re not just spitting back content you’ve memorized (like we were all taught in school) but by showing that you actually comprehend and apply your coaching techniques. When you apply your own spin to concepts by using your own stories, it shows that YOU are really who you say you are!

One strategy I use to help prospects convert to clients is by simply mailing them a copy of my book. This helps my prospective clients see the before and after transformations of current clients. In my book,  KaChing! How To Add A Digit To Your Income, I included the real life accounts of three women whose stories dramatically demonstrated that you can start from anywhere and reach the heights of success.


Your life story could help someone else…RIGHT NOW! Have you survived insurmountable odds and are still standing strong? Have you been through the wringer and now you’ve come out on top? Right now when more people are depressed (Did you know 1 out of every 4 women between the ages of 40 and 50 take an antidepressant?), there are so many people who just want to be shown a better way to live. We aren’t meant to live without joy and the story of your journey could help someone to start doing just that!


Is Your Legacy Documented? Create A Best-Selling Book

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