Instant Customer Revolution Best Marketing Idea Contest

I want to meet Frank Kern

Instant Customer Revolution Best Marketing Idea Contest

I want to meet Frank Kern– I just happen to be a groupie for smart people….lol j/k.

I want to meet Frank Kern

I have a long list of people I would like to talk to and pick their brain….Frank Kern is one of them

But seriously.

One of my colleagues watched my video entry into the Instant Customer Revolution Contest Best Marketing Idea Contest  in which the person can win $3000 and a 30 minute consultation with Frank Kern.  She said she was SHOCKED!!!! Her exact words “With all of the crap you know, you really should step up your entry.”

It’s funny, she almost had me second guessing my entry.  ALMOST….

But then I thought about my techie friends and how they get so lost in the techie side of things that they totally forget about the delivery of the message. You know, a lot of times we get so gadget struck (techies like to call it the bright shiny object syndrome) that we forget to deliver the message or we over complicate the message dramatically.

The whole point of this contest is to figure out how to get women to join this gym.

Yes, I could have easily said that we join to get healthy.  Well, have you ever asked anyone if they just truly want to be sick?  So, to just say we join to get healthy is not enough to move you.  What moves women, most of the time, is some type of emotional event. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are emotional creatures (even if we want to hide it). And as far as what would motivate women to join a gym, I believe you can divide them into 4 categories:

Women tend to move in packs. lol

Women Cliques don’t go away even when we get older. We just change how we do them. This is at one of the facilities that I work out

  • Clique – If you can show a woman that her “clique” will be at your gym, then she will be there too.  Many movies have been made about this…Mean Girls, Heathers, Grease (all depends on how old you are for which one you can remember) and the list goes on and on.
  • Uberhealthy – There is a whole movement right now to eat organic and be super healthy. These women shop at specialty stores, like Trader Joes and have a whole entire lifestyle centered around being active and super human.  A great example of this is Sheryl Crow, who in spite of being diagnosed with cancer, decided to heal her body with foods and a healthy lifestyle.

    She is definitely one of the Uberhealthy. I saw her outside running with one of her personal training clients and then came in and jumped on the treadmill. Can you relate? NOT!

  • Man Dumps You/She Wants Someone’s Attention – If nothing else but simple vanity, everyone wants to look good to somebody and if you happened to be dumped by a man, it is a great motivator to treat yourself as best as you can.  So many women look at their physical body after a breakup.  Whether its a new hairstyle or to tone up the calves on your legs, women tend to concentrate on their physical appearance.
  • Weight Loss – This is a 20 billion dollar industry. Most people that maintain weight loss over a long period of time have incorporated some My form of exercise in their regimen.

YouTube Preview Image

My suggestion to Frank Kern is to build 4 separate campaigns around these 4 subjects and continue to interact with the client based on which of these situations moved them.  It makes absolutely no sense to talk to someone that hikes mountains on the weekends about weight loss.  More than less likely, this woman would be extremely fit and vice versa the same thing that will motivate someone that is severely obese will not motivate the super clique.With the Instant Customer program, you can build 4 separate campaigns and only need to market one simple question to get the women into the right one:

What Would Motivate You to Join A Gym?

So, instead of just thinking I’m right, do me a favor so I can win this contest with Frank Kern.  Please leave a comment below and tell me why you would consider joining a gym?  I know the simple answer is to get healthy but go a little deeper than that.  And if you have lost a lot of weight recently or have changed your health drastically, tell us about it.




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