I Guess I Don’t Play Well In The Sandbox

I’ve started enrolling into my new program Infinity Club Level Access this week. As I was speaking to Carolyn about participating, I asked her, “Do you currently work with any other coaches?”

She said “Yes”.

I said: “this program is not for you if you are working with another coach that is not one of my approved coaches.”

She said: “Wow! You don’t play well in the sandbox.”

At this point in my career and my work, I guess I don’t.

Let me tell you my 3 reasons why.

1. There are a lot of coaches out there that may think they understand something in theory (but have never done it). Sadly, theory is very different than practice. 80 percent of what we implement for our clients the average business coach doesn’t know!

2. When a client wants to stay in a negative pattern, they will run to the “coach” that is going to let them hide instead of face the challenge so we can slay it. I know my approved coaches are masters at not just the mental game, but masters at sales, implementation and living your best life on your own terms.

3. Most importantly, I want you to win. This work wakes me up in the morning with such vigor and excitement and everyday my staff and I go ALL IN.

if you are ready to WIN, check out our new program Infinity Club Level Access. This is designed to help you reach financial goals, period.

My relationship managers and I are excited and will be calling you this week to talk about your goals, and what you think are the barriers to achieving them.

We are winding down the 5th month of 2017 and if your goals are not coming to pass, it isn’t because you don’t want them, and most of the time it isn’t because you won’t work for it, it’s because the strategies you are trying to implement are outdated or DO NOT WORK.

If you want it, it’s time to go ALL IN!

Check out Infinity Club Level Access

Blessings Daily,

Tina Brinkley Potts

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