If I follow up more than twice, am I a stalker?

In my book KaChing: How To Add A Digit To Your Income, I wrote the money is in the follow up. It’s always the difference between who will get the gig and who doesn’t.

If a business owner isn’t following up properly, it always comes down to two things: First, it could be you don’t have a system to follow up properly.

Second, you don’t feel worthy to follow up. Often, many business owners will say things like:

” If I email them too much, they will unsubscribe


“I don’t want to bother them”

So many different versions. So let’s tackle these WORTH issues today.

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Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT the size of your list that will make you the money. It is NOT the size of the list, that is going to give you the most impact. It is the quality to make an impact or transformation. If you are more worried about someone unsubscribing from your list than actually absorbing the content, you are focused on people leaving you. How about we change this thought to only those that value my expertise, will stick around and if I try to force other people who truly don’t see that value, I am asking for troubleIsn’t that thought more powerful? To you speaking your truth and your expertise with conviction? To you finding your voice and not really caring who likes it? Truth is, when you stand in your power, those that appreciate what you are vibrating will attract to you like bees to honey. Just know, when you flip flop and try to people please, it never gets you to your true goal.

If you find that you have these issues when it comes to following up, get someone to help you work through it. It will make a significant difference in all of your relationships, including the relationship with your audience.

If you don’t have a system of follow up, it’s time to learn. Automation has helped me 10X my business, many of my client’s businesses and I will 10X AGAIN in the next 12 months. Sometimes, it’s because I have an email programmed. Sometimes a text message. Sometimes its a reminder to make a telephone call.

When I break it down like this, it seems insignificant, right? Well, its in the little things.

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