The American Dream was a marketing campaign

[NEWSFLASH] The American Dream was a marketing campaign

Recently, I was reading Choose Yourself by James Altucher (@Jaltucher) and on page 9, he breaks down the white picket fence mythology of the American Dream. Did you know that ‘The American Dream’ comes from a marketing campaign developed by Fannie Mae (so for all of you that don’t own property, stop feeling bad).

Guess what?

The idea of Casual Fridaydressing down to more casual attire on Friday’s, that has been implemented in major corporations and organization’s worldwide, was a marketing campaign to sell more khaki’s and denim.

A member of the team that created casual Fridays is our very own Fonda Clayton.

Fonda was a colorist and a fashion forecaster that traveled the world to places like Tokyo, Singapore and Mexico City to implement fashion trends. Every time I watch The Devil Wears Prada, I think of her.

Is your website a fashionable version of you?

Does your message convey the right words that can sweep the nation like The American Dream or Casual Fridays?

Does your marketing materials reflect who YOU are while at the same time knocking out all of the important strategies to grow your list, set you up as an authority and earn more money?

If it doesn’t then this offer is for you.

Tithing Offer #4 (Note: Currently we’ve tithed $110,440 in services since we announced our goal to tithe 1 million in services).


Fonda is offering her Cutting Edge Style that will help you do just that.



What you will get:

  1. a color palette that expresses your business’ personality
  2. fonts that paint the language
  3. redefining the mission and vision statements
  4. words and phrases that evoke the feeling and passion of the business owner
  5. feeling/layout of your website


All of these things in combination are a templates for you, the entrepreneur,  to step out in confidence knowing your brand speaks to them when your prospects and clients are looking you up online and/or are referring others to work with them.

Having this handled, means that all visual representation has a template, which saves you time and money.  Once this is completed, it makes it easier to hire a virtual assistant and ensure that they are creating marketing materials that will set you apart amongst the sea of mediocrity and those that may look good but are not getting the traffic, the conversions and ultimately the money.

Wouldn’t you want that from someone who has set international trends in fashion? Someone that understands how color, fonts and message play a role in how you are viewed? Sadly, many brand experts only concentrate on how it looks. It is definitely much more than that. Work with someone that knows and understands.

This service is normally sold for $2997 and for this tithing offer Fonda has agreed to 10 spots at $997 (that is a $2000 tithe into your business).

If you are not getting the visibility, the conversions, the tribe building qualities that are necessary to truly build your business online, you want to sign up for this offer. This definitely won’t last long. To claim this tithing offer, complete the application here.

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